"I have found my passion in life,
Now let me help you find yours."

The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Graduate
Circle of Excellence Gold Member
Smiling Soul Coaching Academy Graduate
Certified SA Life Coach
Certified Rapid Results Coach
certified rapid results coach
Integrative Enneagram Practitioner
Karen Bowman Freedom At Last Life Coach

Get To Know Me

My Mission:

To inspire, empower and guide women into their personal power through heart-centred engagement and authentic business principles.


My Vision:

For women to live purposeful, abundant and empowered lives where their potential for greatness and liberation is self-actualized.

My coaching methodology today is informed by powerful transformation processes that led me through critical healing crises that I have faced in my own life.

Each powerful breakthrough supported by the vital feminine healing principles of compassionate listening, making space for self-care and the empathy for self and others that underpins learning how to both ask for and receive support.

I was able to manifest my deepest goals into a landed reality on my path of growth by the integration of these sacred principles with action-oriented tools, strategies and techniques which I lead women through in my coaching practice today.

In my own healing path, I learnt that I had over relied on my masculine abilities to build, create, overcome, fix, work and achieve.

These over-developed qualities had much of my feminine strengths under ‘lock-down’.
Through releasing past trauma and shame that had created this dynamic, I became liberated from this dynamic and was able to come into my full power and finally feel myself.

With access to more of my ‘self’, I was able to deal with the various symptoms of being out of balance that create ‘stress’ and disempowerment and then into my full manifestation power.

When we live with our masculine and feminine sides out of balance, a natural disharmony of self creates ‘stress’, feelings of frustration, blockages in manifesting our desires and trusting in our ability to do so.

We go through life with a quiet sense of something feeling not quite right, we feel un-fulfilled and restricted from the full joy of being able to be ourselves.

When we can’t access aspects of ourselves within, we look for permission outside of ourselves to express who we are and do what we want to do, and are constrained by the fact that for the most, living in a patriarchal society - we never find it outside.

The journey is within and it is here that we can extricate the lost parts of ourselves that require no further permission to come to life.

I am passionate today about helping women identify how this plays out in their own lives and to bring their locked down aspects of self into conscious awareness and their full selves into integration and expression. This is the foundation upon which personal power is built and full self-potential actualized.

There was a time in my life where I over relied on my masculine abilities to build, create, overcome, fix, work, achieve. When I integrated my feminine strengths, those of empathy, nurturing, emotional insight, permission for self-care and self-love and the love of serving others with nurturing – I came into my fuller potential.

Today, I help my clients do the same.

Liberation through Integration

My dream of becoming a life coach started many years ago as I progressed through life playing various roles in my career. From heading up a finance department, managing a sales team, and also being actively involved in seeing clients face to face, the thing I loved most about them all, was supporting, mentoring, inspiring and motivating my team members. It then become really clear and evident what my true life calling was. Once I was able to free myself from a career that truly did not feed my soul or serve me, I decided to embark on my studies to become a Life Coach. I have not looked back since, and I can happily confirm that I am finally living my dream and a soulful life.

I support my clients by helping them fully explore their self-confidence, helping them to set goals and motivate themselves towards achieving them, working with and realising their full potential and working with limiting beliefs. I also help them with stress management, life transitions and overcoming fear and negative thoughts. 

I have a pragmatic approach to coaching and use strategies and tools that are likely to be most effective in your particular situation. These are all based on leading research in coaching and positive psychology. A safe place, with an atmosphere of openness, warmth and total non-judgement is what you can expect from me and humour and lightness are essential in my work as a coach. I want them to find their life’s purpose and live a meaningful, purpose-driven life.

PR Statement

As a woman who has navigated the various themes women will face here, so powerfully herself, Karen Bowman’s life experience and career success makes her one of the most powerful coaches of our time for this work. As women take up more space in leadership roles, in business as well as in entrepreneurial pursuits, they are being called to connect to the archetypal energy of the warrior woman to succeed, as Karen did. Karen is passionate about helping women do this - without losing all the other beautiful and equally strong aspects of the sacred feminine.

While running a successful multi-million Rand crane import business in a male dominated industry, Karen had to simultaneously nurture her other roles of Mother, Wife and bread-winner - as many leading women in business today do.

When this business was sold to an international supplier, Karen realized that it was time for her to take her passion for helping to empower other women to achieve what she did, forward.

This was the birth of the ‘Freedom At Last’ - Female Empowerment Coaching Practice.

Today Karen is driven as a female empowerment coach to assist women to navigate through their shift into feminine power, more confidently and with the hand-holding support of a woman who has successfully done this herself. Her deepest desire is to inspire, empower and equip women to reach their divine potential.

Whilst establishing her coaching practice, she acquired a CIS, Company Secretarial degree and International accreditation with Patterns of Excellence in the USA as a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as life coaching qualifications through The South African Life Coach Training Academy and The Smiling Soul Coaching Academy.

Karen believes that every woman is unique and powerful and is able to create success, while living a healthy and balanced life. She equally believes that when equipped with the right tools, values and beliefs to do so, women can achieve great success without losing themselves to stress,anxiety and disharmony.

A belief that with every obstacle, comes an opportunity inspires Karen’s outlook towards both her business and her personal life.  

She loves spending time at home with her family and enjoys living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Karen ensures that all aspects of her life, align with her three core values of: Family - Freedom, and Integrity.

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